Sushi Buddies: Y-Wing Edition

I’ve had Y-Wings on the brain lately because of Star Wars play-by-post game I’m in where we’re finally getting to some space combat!


I ended up using the tearing technique again. You can see the slightly ragged edges of the engines in the picture above.

Y-Wing Diagrams

Sushi Buddies: Scorpion Edition

One of my favorite things to do when going out for sushi is to make something fun from the inevitable chopstick wrapper. This evening I went for a scorpion, eschewing my usual rule against cutting/tearing. For a very long time, I stuck to notions of “pure” origami being a single uncut square. Then I got over myself. I still prefer an uncut square, but really, sometimes it just makes sense to make the most of the material you’ve got.

Scorpion Front Scorpion Left Rear Scorpion Left

Scorpion Right Rear Scorpion Bottom


Scorpion Diagrams