Chewbacca Cookies

One more Star Wars themed work activity. Pinterest came to the rescue with the idea for these, so I shamelessly stole the idea and executed it messily. They still tasted good, though!

Chewbacca Cookies
Chewbacca Cookies

Wedge is my Wingman

I’m a doggy uncle whose doggy nephew is named Wedge after the Wedge Antilles of Star Wars fame. He’s a little grumble monster (a.k.a. a French Bulldog) and I got it into my head to design a T-shirt. I never did get it made but he ended up getting a rebel pilot costume for Halloween.

The initial design idea:

Wedge Wingman

The mock up line drawing:

Wedge Design

And the mock up T-shirt:

Wedge Shirt


A fun little attempt at a Bantha I made while hanging out at a portuguese restaurant in San Francisco set inside an old trolley car.

Left Front View
Left Front
Left Rear View
Left Rear
Rear View
Right Rear View
Right Rear
Front View
Front View
Underside View


The first attempt I made at an A-Wing used a dollar bill, simply because the long rectangle allows you to create a waterbomb base along the back for the fins with plenty of room to spare at the front to double back and use for the cockpit.

For whatever reason I seem to have forgotten what the heck an A-Wing looks like when I designed the first one, intent more on the idea of how to deal with the back fins and the cockpit than actually worrying about the details.

First attempt
First attempt

The finished model turned out much nicer, with the characteristic snub nose and straight wings without the rounded nose (like… say, a letter A?).


While they’re not exactly diagrams, I have my notes that include a crease diagram and a few details.

UPDATE (7/16/2017): I’ve refolded it and done step by step diagrams. The fold after you pop up the canopy pyramid is a bit tricky, but you can just massage it into a flat shape. It doesn’t have to be super precise as it’s all hidden below the canopy. If you’d like, you can play with the width of the canopy a little bit (the diagrams below use easy to find reference points, so it may be a little wider than the picture show above). If you’re using a dollar bill, you can use the picture as a reference.


A-Wing Diagrams

Original Notes:

A-Wing Notes

George Washington TIE Fighter

Okay, so it’s not really George Washington’s TIE Fighter, but when you make it from a dollar bill, you can see George’s face in the cockpit area, so just roll with it on this one.

Darth Washington's TIE Fighter

And the diagrams!

TIE Fighter Diagrams