Leenik (Rodian with an eyepatch)

On my origami tour of the Campaign podcast, the next stop is Leenik, the Rodian who wears an eyepatch and wigs. If the Rodian of your choice in the Star Wars universe doesn’t happen to wear an eyepatch or sport a wig, just mirror the instructions for the left eye on the right, and tuck away the flap at the end that gets used for the Clark Kent curl.



Leenik Diagrams Page 1

Leenik Diagrams Page 2

T-16 Skyhopper

Sometimes models are born out of silly conversations on Twitter! Kalum, of the Rolistes podcast, and I were talking about origami models and the T-16 came up. Fast forward a bit and here we go:

T-16 Skyhopper


T-16 Skyhopper DiagramsT-16 Skyhopper Diagrams

Sushi Buddies: Y-Wing Edition

I’ve had Y-Wings on the brain lately because of Star Wars play-by-post game I’m in where we’re finally getting to some space combat!


I ended up using the tearing technique again. You can see the slightly ragged edges of the engines in the picture above.

Y-Wing Diagrams

Y-Wing (first draft)

The Y-Wing presents a challenge because of the long flaps needed for the engines. Using a square to get the longest flaps means using opposite corners, leaving the folder with two very long flaps opposite each other for the body. Using the entire square ended up producing an unsatisfactorily thick model.

In the end, I simply divided the square in half into a right triangle. That provides the single point for the body and two for the engines/wings.

Right triangle concept
The result is recognizable but still inelegant. The body is still thick compared to the engines, and the shaping of the body makes it want to curl upward.

Y-Wing first draft
First attempt

My next thought is to try a pair of rectangles, interlocked with a few locking folds into a T-shape. My default for rectangles is usually US Dollars. The linen material makes them easy to use for multiple doodles.

Y-Wing model concept sketch


This is actually a relatively straightforward design challenge. You need a pair of long flaps for the bottom and top/cockpit and a pair of short flaps for the side wings. In this case, that means the classic Fish Base. It uses an open sink to narrow the flaps, then proceeds about the business of styling them into the recognizable bits.

B-Wing Diagrams

Mailmandalorian, A Glorious Pun

Yet another piece of Campaign fan art, this one holds a very special place in my heart. A goofy bit about a male Mandalorian being a Mailmandalorian stuck in my brain and I drew the sketch below (heavily based on the mailman Jamie from Steven Universe – who may very well be my favorite character on that show).

Mailmandalorian sketch Jamie from Steven Universe

Fast forward a bit and I’m commissioning the fantastic Beka Black to create an epic reinterpretation, drawing on the classic U.S. National Parks travel posters for inspiration. Add to that her Mando’a translation of the U.S. Postal Service Creed and you’ve got a recipe for the amazing image below.

Ne cin’ciri ra pitat nadala ra dha’ca ara’nov cuun verde teh iviin’yc bralir be val ake.

“No snow or rain or heat or dark night blocks our warriors from the quick success of their missions.”


Karrell (Twi’lek Head With Lekku)

This model is the head and lekku of a Twi’lek. I had a bit of paper left after making a square from a US Letter size sheet and decided to turn it into something rather than chucking it in the recycling bin. Having just made a model of Lyntel’luroon from the Campaign Podcast, I figured it only fair to make a long-lekku Twi’lek bust for Karrell from the Redemption podcast (my other favorite Twi’lek).

Twi'lek Head


Twi'lek Head Diagrams