Reversible Star Trek: The Next Generation Apron

My wife came up with the idea for this reversible ST:TNG apron and supervised the creative bits while I did most of the patterns and construction.

NOTE:┬áThe pattern as written is designed for me (at 6’4″ I’m a fairly big dude), so if you’re making it for somebody of smaller stature, you’ll want to adjust the length of the neck strap. If you want to make it more universal you could turn the single neck strap into two straps that tie. You’ll just need additional strap material.

We used these 12.5 mm antique brass snap fasteners for the pips. We didn’t have the kit to set them, so we picked up this set from Amazon in case we need them for future projects. The iron-on patch we used for the communicator is out of stock, but just look for the 2″ by 2.5″ iron on patch (Next Gen version).

Clicking the images below will take you to a larger version (so you can ready my awful tiny handwriting)

An apron in the style of a Star Trek The Next Generation engineering uniform