Karrell (Twi’lek Head With Lekku)

This model is the head and lekku of a Twi’lek. I had a bit of paper left after making a square from a US Letter size sheet and decided to turn it into something rather than chucking it in the recycling bin. Having just made a model of Lyntel’luroon from the Campaign Podcast, I figured it only fair to make a long-lekku Twi’lek bust for Karrell from the Redemption podcast (my other favorite Twi’lek).

Twi'lek Head


Twi'lek Head Diagrams

Bariaur Ranger

This model was inspired by the Bariaur ranger Angela Craft played in the D&D 2nd Edition Planescape game run by Darcy L. Ross at AcadeCon 2016. She and my character got to go shopping for antifreeze together.



Bariaur Diagrams

Doctor Who (Matt Smith Edition)

While Matt Smith is not in fact my favorite actor to play the doctor, sometimes these things happen and I couldn’t resist trying to fold the fez and the bow tie.

The notes below are VERY rough, but I’m hoping to come back to them and create real diagrams.

UPDATE 7/16/2017: The thirteenth doctor being announced gave me the final push I needed to refold and diagram the steps for this. Maybe I’ll revisit the theme and do a Jodie Whitaker version once we get a signature look.

The model:

Doctor Who

The diagrams:

Doctor Who Diagrams


Diagrams for Doctor Who 11th Doctor

Dr Who Notes