Felted Wool Jabba the Hutt

Took the opportunity to try my hand at felted wool. About a bazillion needle sticks later, I ended up with the natural wool form and then spread the green green sheet over it. Then came a sliver for each arm, then the face.

Jabba the Hutt Felted Wool


It’s IG-88 time in the Star Wars work themes! Have a few mailing tubes, a bit of scrap wood, and a cocktail shaker collecting dust? You can have your very own 4 foot tall bounty hunting droid!


Han Solo Cups and Carbonite Cookies

This was a particularly good activity. Han Solo paper cup koozies to go over your generic red party cups, plus chocolate Han Solo in carbonite chocolate kiss peanut butter cookies.

The template for the cups is below, and you can get the mold for the chocolate here.

Han Solo cups and Carbonite Cookies Carbonite Cookies

Han Solo Cup Template
Template for standard Red Solo brand cups

Bib Fortuna Snowflake

Part of a morale-boosting campaign at work, we did project sprints using different letter of the alphabet, so every two weeks, we had a different theme related to Star Wars. The second sprint rolled around and it was time for Bib Fortuna.

Not worrying about the symmetry let me simply draw a 60 degree angle and then put a silhouette of Bib Fortuna down. After that, slice out some bits to accentuate the nose, face contours, and lekku, and you’ve got yourself a Star Wars holiday snowflake!

Sketch of Bib Fortuna Silhouette
Initial Sketch
First section of snowflake cut out
Snowflake in Progress

Sushi Ewok Village!

This time I decided to make a tree village for some Ewok sushi. Pinterest delivered with the idea to do use a dark rice, sesame seeds, and smoked salmon to make the Ewoks. After that, though, I went with a triscuits to form the thatched hut and flooring of the platform, plus pretzels for the railing and a few spears.

This one was definitely a hit!

Ewok Sushi Village Ewok Sushi Village Ewok Sushi Village

Chewbacca Cookies

One more Star Wars themed work activity. Pinterest came to the rescue with the idea for these, so I shamelessly stole the idea and executed it messily. They still tasted good, though!

Chewbacca Cookies
Chewbacca Cookies

California’s Gold (A Huell Howser Tribute)

California’s Gold was a fantastic program that celebrated the best, and sometimes the most seemingly mundane, that the state has to offer. Huell Howser was the kind of person who could get genuinely excited about the smallest of things. If everyone could be half as enthusiastic as Huell was about everything on the show, we’d all be a lot better for it.

After he passed, we decided to go on a tour of some of the spots he’d visited during his travels across the state. To mark the trip, we created a pair of custom shirts with the state flower on the front, and the state’s silhouette on the back, along with one of his signature catch phrases. And wow, it really was amazing.


Wedge is my Wingman

I’m a doggy uncle whose doggy nephew is named Wedge after the Wedge Antilles of Star Wars fame. He’s a little grumble monster (a.k.a. a French Bulldog) and I got it into my head to design a T-shirt. I never did get it made but he ended up getting a rebel pilot costume for Halloween.

The initial design idea:

Wedge Wingman

The mock up line drawing:

Wedge Design

And the mock up T-shirt:

Wedge Shirt