Mailmandalorian, A Glorious Pun

Yet another piece of Campaign fan art, this one holds a very special place in my heart. A goofy bit about a male Mandalorian being a Mailmandalorian stuck in my brain and I drew the sketch below (heavily based on the mailman Jamie from Steven Universe – who may very well be my favorite character on that show).

Mailmandalorian sketch Jamie from Steven Universe

Fast forward a bit and I’m commissioning the fantastic Beka Black to create an epic reinterpretation, drawing on the classic U.S. National Parks travel posters for inspiration. Add to that her Mando’a translation of the U.S. Postal Service Creed and you’ve got a recipe for the amazing image below.

Ne cin’ciri ra pitat nadala ra dha’ca ara’nov cuun verde teh iviin’yc bralir be val ake.

“No snow or rain or heat or dark night blocks our warriors from the quick success of their missions.”