The Adventures of Snoopy and Friends

When my wife’s stuffed animals got stolen from her work, she was understandably upset. Not knowing what to do to help, her friend and I hatched a plan. With the help of eBay and a few trips to local bookstores, we were able to find replacements for all of them. Elephant and Piggie (shown wearing outfits I made to resemble their costumes in “Elephants Cannot Dance”), Knuffle Bunny, Horton, and a monkey in a barrel puppet.

Stuffed Animals

For whatever reason, on eBay it was cheaper to buy the Horton stuffed animal paired with a Snoopy. That got the creative wheels turning and we devised a story about what had happened.

Snoopy’s arch-rival, the Red Baron, had clearly kidnapped the missing stuffed animals in an evil plot! I went around town creating a photo journal of the various traps they had fallen into. The monkey was lured in by a giant pile of bananas at a grocery store, while Horton got roped into egg-sitting.

Horton Egg Sitting

Eventually, Snoopy discovered that his friends were missing! Off to his trusty Sopwith Camel! (Several cardboard boxes were injured in the making of this project)

Building Snoopy's Plane

He took to the skies (in a custom made flight helmet, goggles, and scarf!

Snoopy Flying

After a thrilling aerial combat, Snoopy saved the day and brought everyone home safe and sound. If you look closely you can even see the Red Baron’s Fokker Triplane (made from a Red Baron frozen pizza box, what else?).

All Back Together