Super Cheap Wire Miniatures

I became briefly fascinated with wire sculpture and decided that it was as good a medium as any to try to create miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. The scale makes it hard to do origami, and I had a spool of the stuff lying around, so I figured why not?

Bonus points for the D&D 3.5 book used for a background.

First up is the bard. I was running the campaign and had my self-insert DM PC. I’ve since learned the error of my ways, but he was a great tool for demonstrating the lethality of the enemies. The very first combat once they reached their questing site saw him beheaded. Fun times. He’s got a whip, some pan pipes, and a rapier at his hip. Oh, and of course a wide-brimmed hat.

The Bard

Next up is the monk! The first attempt was serviceable but a bit bland. It read more like somebody in a drunken bar brawl than a badass martial artist.

The Monk 1

Remember that badass martial artist? Here it is. We’ve got a dynamic pose, baggy pants, and a quarterstaff ready to kick some serious butt.

The Monk 2

Next, a spearman, readying his spear against a charge. The scale got away from me a bit so he’s a bit on the large side, but he’s got a cool backpack and a helmet, so there’s that.

A spearman

And this little cutie is a rodent of unusual size. As I recall he was retconned into some other furry animal on the fly, as one of the players actually owned pet rats (who were simply adorable, by the way).

Rodent of Unusual Size

Watch out! It’s a sword and shield fighter with a cape!

The Fighter

A villainous sahuagin with a trident, oh no!


But let us not forget the GOD OF FREAKIN’ BEARS. Seriously, this guy got to use the wire I had left over from making my chainmail hauberk (hey, I had a bunch of time on my hands between classes in college and not much to do, don’t judge).

The God of Bears